Sikander Ali, Banda

GSVS India has been able to earn the respect and confidence of NGOs in India in a very short time by virtue of the hard work they're putting in. There's a lot of admiration out there and people really appreciate the added value they've brought.


One important element GSVS India offers is the weekly meetings where everyone presents their information and analysis. It is reserved for registered NGOs who know each other and respect the confidentialiy of the information shared there.

Priti Singh Chauhan, HRD IPExpertz Pvt. Ltd.

It's very useful for us to manage our allocation of resources over a short and longer term basis. By seeing the bulletins that come out it helps us to decide whether we're going to move to a certain place or where we're going to put people and resources on that day, but also the longer term analysis that comes out of GSVS India allows us to make more strategic decisions and decide where we can programme and where we can't and also get a sense of what's happening in India more broadly.

Sunita Agarwal, Maudaha

Beautiful souls running this NGO. I noticed so much discipline and love here. Very happy to see people genuinely doing good for mankind.

Ram Singh Gaur, Rath (U.P.)

One of the most beautiful things for the heart is to see these little children, the smiles, the tears of their gratitude to receive their lunch. We take it for granted but for them they live for that lunch to see what just that little bit of care and concern from our part can do for a person’s entire life.